1: Canon AE-1 SLR & redscale negative film

This week I photographed using my trusty Canon AE-1 Program SLR (1981, 50mm lens). I used Lomography Redscale Negative Film (35mm, 100 ISO).

It was fun to experiment, but the low ISO rating made it difficult to avoid grainy photos. We’ve had awfully rainy weather! The film is cool though, because it is spooled on the wrong side. You can also change your ISO setting to adjust the intensity of the hues. A higher ISO (e.g. 200) rating will produce very red images, whereas a lower ISO (e.g. 50) will lend to bluer tones.

xx mvb


  1. ooh nice. i gotta say im not a fan of using redscale film myself, but those results look very nice indeed. n the AE-1 is a beauty. btw, i didnt realize that changing ur exposure via ISO gives different hues.. guess i should try it out

    1. Thank you!!

      I have to agree with you, though. It’s extremely difficult to work with in low-lit settings (& I didn’t use the bulb setting…oops). It’s also really grainy. I think it would be interesting to photograph really colourful scenes and see what happens. Some of these photos from this Lomo Magazine post turned out really cool, though! http://tiny.cc/osbxdw



      1. yeah, wonder how many attempts it took to get those shots on the lomo mag 😀 im gonna go find myself some of this film..haha.. cheers

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