9: Polaroid Z340 (It’s digital…)

My aborbs parents gave me the Polaroid Z340 as a grad pressie even though I’m pretty sure after the past six years of Uni I owe them a grad present! Anyway, at first I was pretty pumped to use this camera as a party cam, especially since I am a bit greedy when it comes to instant pics and this way I can share with my pals. However, the print quality is quite honestly sub-par & I was annoyed when it began spewing out the paper without images and my photographic-brain thought, “great…. now this paper is fixed and is garbage.” But since the special “Zink” photographic paper actually uses crystal technology (oh-em-gee, science) there’s no ink, which means no fix, which means… you guessed it… reusable paper! I tossed the paper back into the camera and soon realised I could create awesome lo-fi-esque double/triple/infinite exposures with my handy-dandy new digi ‘roid by printing out a photo, reloading the film and printing on top. So. Freaking. Rad.

xx mvb

p.s. I did no dust-spotting… ( :

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