11: Supersampler & Redscale film

Wut up!

Here’s some photos taken with my supersampler, and I’ll give you 3 guesses as to what kind of film (don’t read the title of this post)! Ok, it’s obvious: redscale.

I’ve noticed that this film has little latitude. I realise it’s 100 ISO, but let’s get real — the sun was barely on the cusp of setting when I was out taking these photos. There are other variables (i.e. toy camera) but I guess redscale film should only be confidently attempted on super sunny days! I imagine most of the lessened latitude has to do with the fact that redscale film is essentially just film uploaded backwards into the camera (which means more light is required).

It is kind of neat since one of the four lenses on my supersampler tends to capture more light than the rest. I like to salvage what I can. Crop, crop!


xx mvb


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