14: La Sardina & Fuji Pro 400H

I had this roll of film sitting around for ages before I developed it, and it also took me several months to use up the film in the camera! I shot these images with my always fabulous La Sardina. It features a wide-angle lens and a button that makes double exposures a cinch. In the camera was Fuji Pro 400 H 35mm film. I have to say – I love these images. The colours are perfect, the grain is perfect, the double exposures are a beautiful surprise (as always), and the vignetting is so dreamy.

You’ll see a few different themes in these images. There are reminders of the sunny prairies, and there are echoes of a winter past. The selection of photos below includes both single and double exposures. And the last image made my heart flutter, when I first laid my eyes on it. Not because it is particularly good in terms of composition – but because it is a double exposure from out my window when I was staying in Doha, Qatar.

I hope you do enjoy!

xx mvb


003_1edit 006_4edit 004_2edit



032_32edit 029_29edit 027_27edit1



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