16: 110 film & smartphone scanner

My all-time favourite way to do things is like so:
Step uno: photograph using a film camera!
Step dos: scan the film & digitally edit!

When I was a photography student & TA at the Uni (many moons ago), I had all the equipment I needed at my fingertips. Alas, no longer. Imagine my excitement when I ordered the Lomography Smartphone Scanner?! Affordable, compact, and fun? Oh yes. It only scans 35mm film, which is a mighty shame, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for the future when they offer 110 and 120 scanners! In the meantime, I developed some 110 film and attempted to use this film scanner to “see” the images better, as we all know it’s much simpler to see an image as it was meant to be seen. The quality is terrible, but I still love them. Scanned & edited all on my cellular telephone. Neat!

Here’s some info on the film, as the sprocket holes are conveniently a part of the images! 

Film NameDevelopmentFilm TypeISO
Orca B&W 110Black & White Negative ProcessingNegative100
Peacock X-Pro 110C41 Colour Negative Processing Positive200
Lobster Redscale 110C41 Colour Negative Processing Negative200
Colour Tiger CN 110 C41 Colour Negative Processing Negative200

xx mvb

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